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The perfect insurance for your apartment or condominium complex is out there.

The first step in finding that perfect coverage is understanding the unique features and needs of your complex.  Do you have a swimming pool or barbecue?  Are your residents young or old?  Is your property upscale or low-income?  At Nicholson & Associates, we know how to identify the features and needs that make your complex special, and we know how to present your property to carriers in order to get you the excellent coverage you need at great rates.

The next step is to find the right policies for your specific complex.  Nicholson & Associates has access to a wide variety of carriers, so you can be assured that the package of policies we present to you represent the best the marketplace can offer.  We go the extra mile for the apartment and condominium complexes we insure, leveraging our great relationships with underwriters to find the right package of policies or to put together a custom package tailor-made for your property.

Finally, keeping a great policy means balancing the evolution of your needs with the ever-changing nature of the insurance marketplace.  At Nicholson & Associates, we are committed to making sure that you have the best coverage in place.  That means responding to changes in your complex, and it means researching the marketplace year after year, so you maintain cutting edge protection.

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